The Most Expensive Laptop Ever! (shiny)

Most expensive laptops

This laptop by Luvaglio costs $1,000,000! It’s the most expensive laptop in the world.

When you buy the laptop, you can customize everything from the design to the materials, and a few other specs. Options include the finest woods as the casing, or gold, or other valuable casings that makes the laptop yours.

Security is ensured with a fingerprint, which allows the owner to confidently display the laptop in a place of prominence in their household.

An expensive diamond sits in the center of the laptop, and works as a power button. This accounts for a lot of the cost of course.

Of course the laptop comes with the best of every piece of computing technology. The fastest processors, best storage, etc.

It comes with a high resolution 17 inch screen, and allegedly has some sort of self-cleaning mechanism.

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