Most Expensive Car Ever Sold. $48.4 Million!

My first guess, when thinking of this topic, was that the president’s armored limo would be the most expensive car. Surprisingly, it’s price tag of $1.5 million isn’t even close to the most expensive car on the market, let alone ever sold.

Most Expensive Car Ever Sold

$48.4 million was the record-breaking price tag for the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO sold at public auction in August 2018. The car was sold by Dr. Gregory Whitten at RM Sotheby’s Auction in Monterey, California.

The new owner of the car hasn’t been released, but I reckon they have a huge, nice garage to put that $48.4 million Ferrari in.

Previously the most expensive car ever sold would have been a collector’s vehicle probably purchased in private by a museum or some other car collection operation. The price of these is typically unknown, so it is possible one was bigger than that $48.4 million price tag.

Most Expensive New Car Ever Sold

There is also another category of cars custom built for specific wealthy individuals. The super rich can enjoy a luxury experience unlike anything found on most car lots.

If you have billions of dollars, it might suit you better to get a custom experience rather than a prefabricated one. The disadvantage being it can take months or years to build your custom experience.

The most expensive one sold is the $13 million Rolls-Royce Sweptail. It took an entire 4 years to build, and features classic designs with the best materials and technologies of today.

Most Expensive Car on the Market

Image of the Most Expensive Car on the Market

Most of us want to know, if we had a big stack of money, what vehicle would be the most expensive to purchase today and start driving around as soon as possible? Clearly classic auctions are cool, but people typically refrain from driving around $48 million classic cars.

Furthermore the custom built cars can take a long time to build, and you might not be picky about having custom specifications met.

Try the McLaren P1 LM on for size. At $3.7 million, it’s the most expensive car on the market. Featuring 1000 horsepower, this is a wild ride. Beyond the most powerful components, this car features gold-plating in a variety of places, which adds to the price tag.

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