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The Most Expensive Laptop Ever! (shiny)

This laptop by Luvaglio costs $1,000,000! It’s the most expensive laptop in the world. When you buy the laptop, you can customize everything from the design to the materials, and a few other specs. Options include the finest woods as […]

Most Expensive Car Ever Sold. $48.4 Million!

My first guess, when thinking of this topic, was that the president’s armored limo would be the most expensive car. Surprisingly, it’s price tag of $1.5 million isn’t even close to the most expensive car on the market, let alone […]

Can You Afford the Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddle?

What’s the first question you ask when somebody shows you their nicest ping pong paddle? How much did that cost? We break this analysis of the most expensive ping pong paddle into two parts. First, the most expensive ping pong […]